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javier torres – antes de cruzar el río lyrics


a couple days ago i heard a really sad story
i was about to cross the border, when a person got near
it was an old man, and he asked for alms

“its not because of hunger nor from being cold that i ask for money.
im looking for my children because
it’s been years since ive last seen them.
ive heard they are north and i have longed to hug them
“i sold the bit of things i had to bury my wife and
since coming from the south i have been asking for alms.
along the way i found very nice people,
because i would do anything to see my children again.
it’s also a promise for which my wife died for.”
and for god’s sake,
i tried not to cry when i saw with how
much love he gave a photograph a kiss.
he says he is going north because he is in search of his children.
when i wrote this song, i did not know how to start it.
because for a sad song there are never always the words.
if you’re gonna cross the river and around you see an old man,
maybe they are one of many that are looking for their children.
in my prayers i hope that they are not my nor your parents.

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